Absolutes in Uncertainty

What I know for sure is that I love you and I’m filled with so much peace when you’re around. I know that I want you to stay and never go away. I want to spend many more nights in each other’s arms, cuddling and enjoying each other’s warmth. What I know for sure is that thinking of you makes me happy and the thought of us leaves me happiest. I know that I would take absolutely perfect care of you, never hurt you, and protect you as best as I could. I know for sure that you’d do the same for me too. It’s in that moment where I get lost, and all the things I thought were sure become lost and my heart breaks. I ponder if what I know for sure are facts, or just wishes of my heart taking over. For as much as I want to let go and give you my all, our history says that this will not last. It’s another phase that will soon pass. So maybe, this is where I should buckle down and brace myself for impact then pick myself back up and shake it off. Maybe it’s time I wake up from this dream and stop chasing waterfalls before I fall in. Perhaps what I know for sure is not certain, but an obsolete dream of a heart searching for absolutes in uncertainty. Thus leading me to believe that what I know for sure is nothing at all but a heart echoing songs of absolutes in a world of uncertainty.

I find that I’m most creative at night. All my thoughts have a way of coming together and forming beautiful verses that seems to just flow out of my brain and into whatever source I’m using to capture them. I’m incredibly proud of this new piece. It covers a range of emotions, and I think it’s simply beautiful. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ❤️



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