“What are you going to do today that you would’ve normally put off until tomorow?”

A friend asked me that question on Wednesday and it’s been replaying in my head since then. I jokingly said to him chocolate, but after a few days of thinking I’ve come up with a few things I would like to do today that I usually would say tomorrow.

  1. Being present.

I thought I had more, but this is the only thing that comes to mind. I always feel like I am not present enough. I mean I am there when things happen, but I’m not there, so I don’t fully enjoy the moment. Does that make sense?

I turned off the notifications on my text messages. My goal is only check them when the children are in bed this weekend. While they are awake we will talk. I will listen to their stories. If they ask me to get them something, I will do it right away instead of saying “just a second.” I just want to enjoy every moment we have. Savor it all. They are growing so fast. I would hate to look back and wish that I had listened a little more, hugged a little more, or laughed a little more with them.

So yeah. Today, I’m working on being present. Because time goes by way too fast…and I’d like to savor all the moments we have.

Cheers to being present this calendar year,



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