Regardless of your journey you will come across them. Regardless of your quest the will find you. They will test you. They will shake you. They will do everything in their power to take take you off your path. Sometimes purposefully other times  accidentally. When that moment comes, make sure you stand your ground.

Stand in solidarity for your peace for you are worth it. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Don’t be ashamed of having goals or standards, and never feel guilty for demanding that people treat you accordingly.

In life there will be many times that you have to compromise, but compromising yourself and your inner peace should never be on the list.

Follow your heart and let your intuition guide you.

Don’t let people pressure you into settling for less.

You are solid, you are whole. Stand in your truth. Protect your peace.

The snatchers will come, but don’t give them a place to dwell in your joy. Your joy is your own. And when they cast their shadows of doubt and fear over you, stand firmly in your truth and reject them boldly. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are worth it, and above all, you are enough. Bask graciously in your light. Don’t let the snatchers dim your shine.


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