Adventures in Love: Meet The Same Guy–Part 2

When I first met Roger, I was not interested and I didn’t think he was either. I was with my friend, a light skinned, pretty eyed girl and I figured that Roger was probably trying to get with her and not me. When it became obvious that he was trying to get with me, girlfriend told me to give it a shot. As far as I was concerned I had nothing to lose, right!? Or so, I thought…

When I finally did, answered there was a woman on the other line. Let’s call her Melanie for the sake of this story. Melanie asked how I knew Roger and what I was to him. I told her that I met Roger a few months ago at the scene of an accident (I should have known that this was a sign) and we started talking. As far as what I was to him, that was something that she would have to ask him. She said that she was his girlfriend and that they had been together for 3 years. She said that she’d been seeing my name pop up on Roger’s phone, but anytime she would ask, Roger would say I was his cousin. She asked if I was related to him, and I told her “hell no.” But wait…the story does not end here!

It turns out that Roger was a married man. His wife lived overseas (at that time) and he claims he only married her because he was paid to, *insert side-eye here* but let me assure you that they were very much together. While we interacted, Roger went overseas for an extended amount of time, but I never thought much of it, because I knew he had family there. But let’s keep going through, it got worse. Melanie knew of the wife, but because Roger made her so many promises she was under the impression that he would leave the wife for her. *insert blank stare here.* Even worse, Melanie was only 18! Being with Roger for 3 years meant that he started dating her when she was 15! Roger was a 30 something year old man at that time! Do you know how disgusted and perturbed I was!? Especially since Roger had met my children. Granted they only saw that joker once, it was way too many times for me to be comfortable with it. I NEVER introduce my kids to anyone I’m involved with, and the one time I did, he ends up being a nasty mother-f***er…but that’s not the story here.

I completely lost it y’all. I gave Roger every single piece of my mind and he had nothing to say, except for “I’m sorry.” How could a 30 something year old man pursue a 15 year old!? I felt incredibly bad for Melanie, because through it all she was still convinced that Roger loved her and would be good to her. She would call me over the next few days to talk and vent about her disbelief and I would listen. I’d been in her position before, and even though I was in her position AGAIN, I knew how important it was to have a friend, or someone that could lend a listening ear.

The more Melanie told me, the more my heart broke for this little girl. She told me she’d been pregnant numerous times, but Roger always made her get rid of it. I wanted to take her under my wing. I wanted to comfort her, to teach her, to speak some life into her…but how could I save someone if I was drowning myself?

Look out for part 3!


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  1. Walk One Day In Our Shoes says:

    *Munches on popcorn and waits for Part 3*

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    1. It’s coming very soon!


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