Adventures in Love: Meet The”Same Guy”

When it comes to men, I’ve encountered a little bit of every variety. From the cheaters, to the liars, to the married men that claim to have a hall pass, and those that claim they aren’t looking for anything but want all the perks of being in something. It was discouraging, because no matter what I did, I was always coming across the same kind of guy. The ones that only wanted pieces of me, but never all of me. Or all of me, but with a side of someone one else.

I used to wonder why I kept meeting the “same guy” no matter what route I took and what I did differently.  I attributed it to self worth. I thought I wasn’t enough. By enough I mean it in every way. I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t smart enough. I wasn’t nice enough. I wasn’t I wasn’t tall enough. I wasn’t fun enough. I wasn’t good enough.

It wasn’t until I started chronicling all my experiences that I noticed a common denominator. I was meeting the same guy, because I wasn’t discerning enough. I kept on missing or ignoring all the red flags they shot my way. I didn’t do this because I was stupid, but rather because I was broken. I knew that I wanted to be in love and be loved, but I didn’t know how I wanted to be loved. And because I was broken and somewhat desperate, I accepted any and every kind of love. I kept on meeting the “Same Guy” because I was in love with the idea of loving a person, as opposed to focusing on the person that was right in front of me.

My “same guy” were man that would tell me any and everything that I wanted to hear for the sake of developing a relationship with me. They’d put forth all the right efforts and do the all the right things, but later on I’d find out that they were married, have another girlfriend, some baby mama drama (cause he said they’re not together, but really they still were), or any other type of bull-sling these men out there are conning women with these days.

My most interesting experience with the same guy was a man I’ll call Roger for the sake of this story. We met and he was the perfect man. He talked the talk, and man, could he could walk the walk. I should’ve known that he was too good to be true! Everything was going well until calls from an unknown number kept on coming to my phone. The calls would come for days before I finally decided to answer them.

OKAY! I’m going to stop the story here. I hope you enjoyed reading it so far. Look out for Part 2, soon!!

Love, light, and laughter,



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