Get Ready for an Adventure

Good Sunday afternoon my friends!

I hope that you are all doing well. I’ve been busy writing my stories of my love life. I’ve decided that I’m going to call it “Adventures in Love.”

Rather than chronicling all of my dating life, I’m going share specific encounters that tell my story and illustrate why I am stuck in the middle. I am extremely nervous, but happy to share my story. There was a point in time where I was ashamed of my truths. I was afraid of the judgment that would be passed on to me by other people. At this point, that is no longer a worry of mine, because in this life no matter what you say or do; someone will always have an opinion of you. And peoples opinion of me have nothing to do with me, especially if the judgment they are placing on me is from mistakes that I’ve made in the past.

I hope that as the stories come out, you enjoy them.I have lived, I have loved, I have laughed, I have lost. Most importantly though, I have learned. I’m using those experiences to push me forward and grow me, as opposed to letting them hinder me and anchor me to my past.

Until the next post, I wish you guys love, light and laughter!



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  1. Don’t be afraid of judgement as it often comes from a shallow personality. It’s your life, your truth and nobody has to walk in your shoes, so go for it.

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  2. Thanks, darling! ❤️


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