It’s a new day!

Good Thursday morning!

I am feeling so much better today after yesterday’s blog! I’m feeling more positive about the school year for my “Small Fry.” I am so thankful for this blog, because I can express myself to an unbiased audience.

Quite often I hold in everything I feel. I don’t want to burden people with my problems and I feel like I’m being negative  or I’m complaining too much when I express myself. Having this platform is definitely helping me with that. Once it’s all written and I see it, I am able to view things objectively, reflect and sometimes derive new perspectives. It’s incredibly beneficial and therapeutic for me.

Anyway, I’ll keep it short for now. I’m at the doctors office with one of my baby bears and I don’t want the doc to look at me sideways when she comes to the waiting room as I am on the phone and baby bear is eating pop-tarts. Lol. I’ll be back tonight!

Sending you love, light and laughter,



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