Welcome to my house

Good Monday morning, my friends! It’s 5:58 a.m. right now and I’ve already started my day.

I usually wake up at 6:15 on the weekdays, but I didn’t cook the kids lunch for school today so I woke up 45 minutes earlier to knock it out. It’s an easy meal (pasta), but it brings me all the peace of mind I need.

Meal time in my house can be s struggle at times. Between picky eating, food allergies, and eating disorders sending something that they like from home makes all of us feel a lot better. They get a nutritious meal from home backed with love, and I get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what is in their meal, how much they eat and if they are actually eating at all.

A few lunchbox favorites for the kiddos are:

pasta with meat sauce

futtucine Alfredo with chicken

fried chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing

and lots of fruit! 😊

I always pack them a juice box, a bottle of water, fruit and some chips. I like to think that I’m creating an excellent balance of healthy and unhealthy foods in the lunchbox. Lol!

It’s 6:15 now and my pasta sauce is done cooking. Time to boil the pasta, hop in the shower and then cook breakfast! Phew.

I hope you guys have an excellent day!

Love, light, and laughter,





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