Ocean water for dinner!

What a great weekend it was! I got a lot done and spent time with my loved ones. It was the perfect balance of work and play. Speaking of balance, let’s make that our focus this week. What do I mean? Okay, let’s break it down.

Balance is finding the happy medium between everything and executing accordingly. For example, my “To Do List.” I have a tendency of over packing my day. When I look at all the things that I have to do it becomes overwhelming and I spend the day obsessing over what I have to do. When that happens, I spend the day laying on the couch or taking the kids out of the house and escaping the list. Shame, I know.

A new trick that I’ve learned is to list all the things I want to accomplish in a day, and pick 5 that I feel must be done before the day is over. Anything outside of those 5, I assign to other days of the week. I’ve also been utilizing this method of working for 30-45 minutes (depending on the task) and resting for 15-20 minutes in between. It helps tremendously, because it gives me time to be productive and time to take a break. I need lots of breaks from tasks, because I try to fit in way too much at a time and obsess over how much time I don’t have. Lol. Working this way prevents  things from not getting done.

I also set work hours and work days. So say I scheduled my start time to be 9, I set a completion time of 5/6 o clock. No matter where I am on my to do list when that time comes, I stop and save it for the next day. I don’t work consistent days. If I work on Saturday, Sunday is a rest day and that rest day will allow me to catch up on work from the day before.

Now this is where balance comes to play. I always pencil in something fun to do with the kids. It could be as simple as reading a book to them, taking a walk, playing outside with them (not my fave during mosquito season!) or more intense like going to Chuck E. Cheese (gag me), going to Five & Below (double gag) or getting ice cream with some friends. It’s very important to me to squeeze in some time with the kids, even if it’s 5 minutes. I’m all about creating memories and filling their treasure chests with them, in case life (or should I say, death) happens and I can no longer be with them. All I have are great memories of my dad, and they get me through so much. And I want to be able to do the same for my kiddos. 😊

Well, I’m signing off now. My son made us dinner (extra salty eggs–Jesus help me) and some white rice. 😖 I’m going to put on my best mommy voice and sing him tons of positive praises…even though the eggs taste like the ocean. All that matters is that he thought of us enough to cook. And I support and encourage all good things they do.

Please pray for me as I chug down my meal with a gallon of water that I’ll probably end up retaining because of all the salt in this damn food. 😂

Sending you love, light, and laughter,




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