Good Saturday morning, my friends!

Today is going to be a busy, busy, day! I have so much planned to do, and I really hope that I can do it all!

I woke up this morning at 5:45 (I’ve always been an early riser) and forced myself to go back to sleep until  7:17 (which is pretty late for me). When I woke up, I started tackling my “To Do List” immediately. So far I’ve cleaned the bathroom, moved back the things that were moved from the room to make space for the new beds, and have started washing the laundry. Lucky for me, my mom and sister woke up a few minutes after me and got busy too. Mom tackled the kitchen, as my sister tackled the living room. Here it is 9 o’clock and we already have a clean house. Thank God, for clean houses!

Left on my list are: spending time with my family (they’re coming down from Jersey), go visit my friend so the kiddos can meet her dog (excitiiing), go to a class at my church, wash and style my hair and the twins’ hair, fold and put away the laundry that I’ve washed (frowwwnnn), and go to my cousins house for a birthday party! I can already tell you right now that something isn’t going to get done. Can you guess what it is!?

If you said laundry, then congratulations! You are absolutely right! I HATE folding and putting away laundry with everything in me! I swear I’m going to come hire someone to do it for me!! UGH!!

Anyway, let me get back to my day. I’ll be back at some point today to let you know how it all went and what I accomplished. Until then,

Have a beautiful and bright Saturday!



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