It’s the weekend!!!

With the beginning of every school year comes challenges. As a mom and an educator, I face the challenges times two. There are the challenges that come with work and then the challenges that comes with home. But even more uniquely, since I work where my children attend school I have an added struggle of finding balance between the two. I find that as the children get older, the more challenging it gets.  I guess at a later time I’ll go into more detail about the pros and cons of being a mama and working where my baby bears study. But for now lets bask in the glory of Friday!

Jesus, thank you for this wonderful day! It’s been a draining week for me physically and emotionally, but I made it through! I’m so happy for the weekend! I have so much to do; I hope I can do it all!

Cheers to a happy Friday! I’ll be back (FOR SURE!!) with a new blog tomorrow and Sunday!!



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