Day 3

Day three of “Disconnect to Reconnect” was okay. I can’t gauge how much time I have spent on the phone, but it was definitely less than yesterday. I know for sure that I will be on my phone a lot this weekend…unless of course I buy a camera between now and Friday. My cousin is getting MARRIED!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot of getting a camera to avoid using my phone as a camera, and an alarm clock too. I’m trying to separate as much as I can from my phone so that I can decrease my dependency on it and the urge to use it.

I kind of went into this thinking that I would be able to flip a switch in my head and quit the phone cold turkey. The  old me would have beaten myself up for not doing such, but I’ve come to accept that progress is a process, and that it takes time. Also that every little bit counts. I am very proud of myself. I know that by the end of August, I will be further along than I am now.

Anyway, I’m off to bed now. The kids and I had an eventful day of running around looking for my outfit for the wedding. 🙂 3 days and counting! Boy am I excited!

Wishing you a good night,



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