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I’m one of a few in my circle of love that has no significant other. I describe myself as somewhere between hopeless–because I’ve lost a lot of faith in men, but hopeful that I will find my “one.”

While I’m not envious of anyone in my circle, I do sometimes feel sad that I am single. For the longest time, I thought my sadness was jealousy, so I worked hard to bury it deep inside of me. Yesterday, I forced myself to take inventory of my feelings and I told myself that “it’s okay to be sad. You’re only human. You’re entitled to this sadness.” Acknowledging and accepting this feeling helped me tremendously in shifting my mood.

Then I got to thinking. I thought about my past, my former lovers, and wondered if there is really someone for everyone.

I’m gravitating toward the idea that there isn’t.

I think that some of us were put here to be single. Single, not lonely. I think that people like me were put here to pour love into others so that they may later pour that love into someone else. We’re more like sparks. We’re meant to ignite flames so that they fuel fires that will burn forever. We’re meant to enlighten and uplift, enrich and inspire, so that our lovers may be better versions of themselves for those they encounter after us. Our pairs are within ourselves–our souls are our mate.

There was a point in time when I thought that love wasn’t for me. I know now more than ever that it is, and I’ve just been looking at it from the wrong perspective.  While I may not have love in the capacity of a “significant other,” love is all around me, and it lives in me.

I’ve accepted it that my purpose here is to spread that love. Should my flame ignite a match in someone else’s heart, then I will embrace it. But for now, I’m simply happy, knowing that my mission here is to be a spark. I will continue to give and spread love, abundantly.



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