Down the Rabbit Hole

imageI am struggling with my truths today.I feel myself slipping down the rabbit hole.  Even though I KNOW that I am going to be okay, the process of letting go is somewhat tumultuous. I am going through phases. There are countless moments when I feel amazing and I know that everything will work out as it should; but then moments like this come and I can feel myself crumbling. I am falling so fast that I can’t even catch my breath.

When I snap out of it, I return to a numb state, yet in between all of this, I am calm and at peace. I am trying to hold on to those moments and make them last, but at the same time, I’m not denying myself the right to feel anything other than “happy.”

Healing is a process like anything else. I will hold on to those peaceful moments as they come. It’s okay to be sad every now and then; as long as I don’t stay sad forever.


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