Dear Dad,

We passed over this bridge on the last road trip we took with my dad.

Today makes it three weeks and three days since you passed away. As the days go by, I’m missing you more and more. And while I know that this is very real, I can’t help but wish it were a dream; that I’d wake up and you’d be back home from the hospital and amongst us again.

I knew that we’d eventually have to let you go, but I didn’t think it’d be this soon.

The funniest thing happened a week ago. It was around bedtime and the kids were making a lot of noise, I yelled out to them to keep it down, I caught myself right before the words “papa is sleeping,” slipped out. We all miss you. I keep looking down the hallway around the times you usually come out to eat to see if you’d emerge to have coffee with me…I keep looking, but you never come. It’s going to be a while before it sinks in that your new home is in my heart.

It’s been raining a lot since you passed. I think we’ve had two sunny days. Is that because of you? Are the rain drops your tears because you had to leave us? If so, please stop crying. I’m sure you miss us more than we miss you, but I promise you we will be okay. Just keep following the light, and make the final transition into your new home.

Remember that one day we’ll all be together again, and until that day comes, we’ll keep celebrating you.

I’ll be looking forward to your smile with every sunny day that comes our way.








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