I’ve been struggling with what my first post should be. I have so many ideas and thoughts floating through my head, and I simply do not know where to begin. Since this is my first “official” post outside of my brief introduction, I thought it would be a good idea to elaborate on what you can find on my blog and tell you a little bit about myself.

Yes, my name is really Clarissa– just like the girl from the 90’s sitcom that used to explain it all. No, you cannot call me that. People called me that all throughout my school days, and let me tell you it got old! Lol!

I am a mommy to three wonderful children! I like to read and write (duh) in my spare time. I like to think that I’m funny and that I have a good sense of humor, lol. I enjoy laughing and making people laugh.

As far as what you can expect from the blog, I will be sharing various aspects of my life. From my trials and success as mommy, my innermost thoughts and feelings, and lots of positive affirmations/vibes!

My hope by blogging is that I can connect with people and maybe spark a flame of hope in at least one persons life or make someone else feel good with my words.

I think I’m going to stop here, but I will certainly return. I hope you enjoyed my first “official” post, and I’ll be back with more later.

Sending you love and light,



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